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Incredible surgery reattaches man’s almost totally severed hand in heroic effort

Atushkumar Patel’s hand was almost completely cut off in a terrible industrial accident. But surgeons at Broomfield Hospital in Essex, England, were so successful that the man even has feeling and movement back in his fingers.


FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2012, 2:23 PM

New York Daily News

PrintSurgeon Mak Tare (right) shakes Atushkumar Patel’s hand, which the doctor salvaged with two incredible operations.Atushkumar Patel’s hand was almost completely severed in a terrible accident. But thanks to surgeon Mak Tare, Patel is recovering quicker than expected.

One London man went to hell and back in a handbasket.

Atushkumar Patel’s hand, which had been disfigured in an industrial accident, was restored to an incredible extent by a team of surgeons in Essex, England. Five weeks after the horrific incident, the 37-year-old father of two even regained feeling and movement in his formerly severed fingers.

Patel lost four fingers and a large portion of his right hand in total when a machine he was cleaning engaged automatically.

“I instantly felt pain and the machine part that had started carries parts and drops them into another part of the machine and that’s what it had done with my hand,” Patel said.

He was rushed to Broomfield Hospital on Nov. 2, where plastic surgeon Mak Tare led a medical team through two major operations, Tare told the Daily News.

“I’ve never seen a case like this at the hospital but your training immediately kicks in and you know what to do,” Tare told the local Essex Chronicle.

Doctors meticulously reconnected his ligaments, tendons and nerves during the first 10-hour long procedure.

For the second surgery, doctors used blood vessels and skin from Patel’s thigh to reconstruct his hand over the course of six hours.

Tare attributes the successful surgery to the hospital’s infrastructure, which enables easy transportation of critical resources to deal with emergencies.

“It feels good,” Tare told the Daily News. “In retrospect it confirms that time spent in tough surgical training was worth it if it could influence even one patients life.”

Patel was only hospitalized for 20 days. But he is still undergoing physical therapy, which will be a central component to his rehabilitation for the foreseeable future.

“He may need more procedures on the hand in near future to improve the function,” Tare said. “We will intervene at the right time. The important thing here was to put it back on wrist and not in the bin.”

Patel, who is right-handed, hopes to return to work soon because he is the sole provider for his family. He was shocked by his recovering and expressed deep gratitude to the medical team.

“I can’t believe what they’ve managed to do,” Patel said simply.


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Cosmetic surgeon Mak Tare

London Independent Hospital

Monday, February 24, 2014

A warning not to rush into cosmetic surgery before

going under the knife because of risks involved has

been fired off by a top surgeon in London’s East End.

The number of people wanting plastic surgery contacting the

London Independent Hospital has risen by more than 160 per

cent since the beginning of January.

Specific enquiries about breast implants, breast or face lift

procedures and nose reshaping have trebled at the hospital in

Stepney Green, which is now handling twice as many

appointments than normal since the start of 2014.

“Cosmetic surgery is a serious, life-changing decision which

should not be rushed into,” consultant plastic surgeon Mak Tare


“Women and men should not let their eagerness for change

overpower their ability to make a responsible choice.”

He is urging wouldbe patients to check surgeons’ credentials to

make sure they are on the General Medical Council’s specialist


“The procedures you want may not be the most suitable,” Mr

Tare added. “It’s better to explain the problems you’re

experiencing or changes you want.”

Surgery involves risk, he points out. Patients should ask what

happens if things don’t go to plan—in the event of any acute

complications after surgery.

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